bluesign® FINDER – positive chemicals list

Product Name Short Description Description
ACIDON-PA Acid donor and pH sliding agent

An acid donor, based on pH sliding principle for dyeing of polyamide, wool and their blends with acid dyes. It ensures uniform and reproducible dyeing.

ANTICREASE (CONC). Anti-Crease and Lubricating Agent

An economical crease preventing and lubricating agent in powder form, for natural and synthetic fibres and their blends.

CAREGUARD-314 Oil and Water Repellent for Polyamides

A new generation water and oil repelling fluorocarbon based on C6 Chemistry which imparts best results on polyamide fabrics. It imparts durable water and oil repelling effects on various substrates viz. Polyester, Cotton, Acrylics, Wool fibres and their blends.

CAREGUARD-66 (NEW) Oil and Water Repellent

A new generation water and oil repellent fluorocarbon based on C6 Chemistry, imparts good durable water and oil repellency on cellulosic substrates. It also works on various substrates like Polyester, Nylon, Wool fibres and their blends.

CAREGUARD-FF Fluorine Free Water Repellent

A fluorine free speciality product for water repellency and rain proofing for Cellulosic and its blends.

CAREGUARD-LTH Oil and Water Repellent

Careguard-LTH is a C6 chemistry based fluorocarbon. It gives very high water repellency on synthetics such as Acrylic, Polyester, etc. It passes Bundesmann test.

CAREGUARD-OR 359 Oil and Water Repellent

CAREGUARD-OR 359 is a water and oil repellent fluorocarbon based on C6 Chemistry. It gives very high oil repellency

CAREGUARD-SV Oil and Water Repellent

A new generation highly cost effective water and oil repellent fluorocarbon based on C6 Chemistry. It imparts balanced water and oil repellency on various substrates for Polyester, Cotton, Nylon, Wool fibres and their blends.

DYEWELL-002 (CONC). Polyester Leveling Agent

A levelling agent and dyeing accelerator with diffusion property for high temperature Polyester dyeing

ECOGUARD-786 Oil, Water and Stain Repellents

Ecoguard-786 is a new generation water and oil repellent fluorocarbon based on C6 Chemistry. It imparts durable oil and water repellency on various substrates viz., polyester, cotton, nylon, wool fibres and their blends without affecting the original hand of fabric. It gives very high oil repellency.

ECOGUARD-SYN (CONC). Fluorine Free Water Repellent

A fluorine free water repellent especially developed for synthetics and blends. It is also applied on nonwoven substrates.

ESTOFEEL (CONC). Antistatic and Moisture Management

A specially develop hydrophilic finishing agent for Polyester, Polyamide and other synthetic fibres to overcome the generated static charge.

FIXANOL (CONC). Formaldehyde free Dye-Fixing Agent

A polyamine based non formaldehyde cationic dyefixing agent for reactive dyes and direct dyes

KETOPREP-LA (CONC). Low alkali all in one pretreatment product

A biodegradable product which requires low alkali during bleaching of cellulosic substrate.

NYLOFIX-993 Polyamide Dye Fixing Agent

Acid Stable Polyamide Dye Fixing Agent

POLYSOFT-55 Silicone softener for Polyester

A shear stable silicone softener for polyester, synthetic and their blends. It imparts very good surface smoothness and body break

QUENCH-APY Phenolic Yellowing Preventer

A concentrated product to prevent phenolic yellowing of lycra, polyamide and polyester fabrics

REDUCON-ACD (CONC). Reduction Clearing Agent in Acidic Medium

An acid reduction clearing agent available in powder form

SARADYE-429 (MOD) Chlorine Fastness Improver for Polyamide

A chlorine fastness improver for polyamide fabrics dyed with acid and metal complex dyes

SARADYE-FN Formaldehyde Free Dye-Fixing Agent

An eco-friendly, formaldehyde free dye fixing agent for reactive dyes

SARAFIX-NEW Polyamide Dye-fixing Agent

An acid stable dye fixing agent for dyed and printed polyamide to improve wet fastness properties


A self-crosslinking polymeric finish which imparts softness as well as fullness to the finished fabric.

SARAQUEST-W (CONC). Sequestering agent in powder form

A high power sequestering agent in powder form specially developed for scouring and bleaching of cotton and polyester/cellulosic blends.

SARASOL-1101 Pre-treatment for Digital Printing

A pre-treatment chemical which is applied by padding process before Ink-Jet printing on various substrates.

TEXPEACH (CONC). Hydrophilic softener

A hydrophilic, concentrated, polyurethane based finishing agent to impart lofty finish with good drapability by forming a 3-dimensional film on cotton, polyester and their blends. It improves resistance to pilling abrasion and also improves crease recovery angle.

UNIV-AIO All in one Pretreatment Agent

A novel all-in-one low foaming product for scouring and bleaching of cotton. It requires only peroxide, and does not need addition of caustic during bleaching.

ZOROFAST-FMD Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver

A specialty finishing agent to improve dry and wet rub fastness of all types of dyed and printed cotton and their blends. It is compatible with certain finishing agents. It can be applied by both dry-on-wet and wet-on-wet application.