Others Dyeing Auxiliaries


Product Name Short Description Description
FEDA-SH (MOD) substitute for soda ash as well as silicate

Owing to its excellent buffering capabilities, it decreases the reactive dye hydrolysis and hence increases the extent of reactive dye fixation.

QUENCH-OBA Quenches OBA from fabric as well as machine

It is a special auxiliary to remove traces of OBA from a cotton rich substrates thereby it ensures shade consistency.

SARADYE-M Dye solubilising agent cum dye bath conditioner

Saradye-M improves the solubility of reactive dyes under adverse conditions of dyeings such as low liquor ratio,poor quality of salt, hardness in water, poor solubility of dyestuff.

SARAFINISH-OMP Special Effects on Garments

An unique formulation to create special effects on denim and non-denim garments either alone or with Thermocol balls.

SARAKOL-NF (CONC) Low foaming wetting and de-aerating agent

It is suitable in continuous dyeing as well as exhaust application particularly for dyeing of yarn in package form

SARAWOOL Wool protecting agent

A versatile wool protecting, lubricating cum anti-setting agent. It is stable to high temperature during the processing of wool.