Others Finishing Auxiliaries


Product Name Short Description Description
ECOLINK (CONC) Butane oxime and Meko free extender for oil & water repellent

Addition of Ecolink (Conc) improves durability to multiple home launderings. It does not affect handle of the fabric

FLEXDYE-ELA Improves Depth of elastane

A dyeing auxiliary which improves the depth of shade of elastane (EL) portion in Polyamide Elastane blend.

HEFLOR-CI (CONC). Zip and Button corrosion protector

A corrosive and passive inhibitor for metal

HELAR-085 Potassium permanganate neutralizer

It removes dirty brown stains of manganese oxide which are formed during bleaching from denim and other garments and makes bleached garment bright and white.

HELAR-PPN (CONC). Potassium Permanganate Neutraliser

A product that remove residues of potassium permanganate from denim garments and other garments

MACROBOUNCE Bouncy handfeel

A product that imparts bouncy feel with greater resiliency to polyester/cellulosic and cotton fabrics

SARABLEACH-BBA Bleach bath accelerator

An unique catalyst for reducing hypochlorite after bleaching of denim garments and its blends with lycra, tencel

WETFIN-NS Silicone free hydrophilic agent

A silicone-free finish for imparting hydrophilicity on textile fabrics. Wetfin-NS can be specifically used for increasing the hydrophilicity of polyolefin fabrics used in incontinence products.