Yellowing Preventer

Yellowing mostly occurs when storing fabrics or garments in the warehouse. Plastic packaging material, like polybags contain BHT (butylated hydroxy toluene). This is an antioxidant that prevents degradation of the plastic. This BHT gets transferred to the fabric, also from carton boxes, a phenol (derivate) can be carried over to the textile. It can react with the nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the air and forms nitrobenzenes or quinone (or chinone), which is a yellow chemical substance. To avoid this yellowing preventers are applied on the fabric.

Product Name Short Description Description
QUENCH-APY Phenolic Yellowing Preventer

A concentrated product to prevent phenolic yellowing of lycra, polyamide and polyester fabrics

QUENCH-LCL Phenolic Yellowing Preventer

Excellent economical product to prevent phenolic yellowing during storage in polythene bags or cardboard cartons.