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Problems often occur in textile usage when a designer decides to use a fabric which had not been produced to meet certain end uses. Often in such cases the challenges for the brand and retailers seem insurmountable leading to delays in deliveries. The quality of dye and the processing parameters used on fabrics plays a huge part in color fastness and performance of the end articles In order to assist brands and retailers to meet the challenges ahead, SAREX offers a spectrum of finishing solutions which will greatly improve the performance and aesthetics of the textiles.

Sr. No. Product Name Short Description Description
1 DIGIPRINT-458 Pretreatment auxiliary for digital printing of Cellulose and Viscose

It is a coating agent to be applied in the pre-treatment process before Ink-Jet printing specially for cotton and viscose.

2 DIGIPRINT-773 Pretreatment auxiliary for digital printing of Polyester and Polyamides

It is applied in pre-treatment process before Ink-Jet printing.

3 DYEWELL-002 (CONC) Polyester Leveling Agent

A levelling agent and dyeing accelerator with diffusion property for high temperature Polyester dyeing

4 ECOGUARD-SYN (CONC) Fluorine Free Water Repellent

A fluorine free water repellent especially developed for synthetics and blends. It is also applied on nonwoven substrates.

5 ELIMINATOR-GLO Oligomer Remover and Machine Cleaner

A strong dispersant developed for removal of oligomers from Polyester substrates and also useful as a machine cleaning agent.

6 FIXANOL (CONC). Formaldehyde free Dye-Fixing Agent

A polyamine based non formaldehyde cationic dyefixing agent for reactive dyes and direct dyes

7 FLAMGUARD-PS Flame Retardant by exhaust

A durable flame retardant for 100% Polyester by exhaust application

8 FLUOROFIX-877 Fluorescent acid dye fixing agent

It improves wet fastness properties viz; water contact fastness, sea water fastness and perspiration fastness. It will not affect fluorescence of the fabric.

9 KATAFIX-RD Formaldehyde Free Dye-Fixing Agent

A superior dyefixing agent to improve fastness of reactive dyes and direct dyes.

10 KETOPREP-LA (CONC) Low alkali all in one pretreatment product

A biodegradable product which requires low alkali during bleaching of cellulosic substrate.

11 MOISTURE GUARD Wicking and Moisture Management

An organo hydrophilic finishing agent for cellulosic, polyester, polyamide and their blends

12 NYLOFIX-993 Acid Stable Polyamide Dye Fixing Agent

A low dusting powder dye fixing agent for acid and metal complex dye.

13 RUBFAST-116 Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver

Improves rubbing fastness by 1.5-2.0 units on direct reactive, sulphur,indigo and pigment dyed fabrics. It can be applied by both dry-on-wet and wet-on-wet application. 

14 RUBFAST-467 Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver

A specialty finishing agent to improve dry and wet rub fastness of all types of dyed and printed cotton and their blends

15 SARABLOOM-SL Colour deepening agent for Cotton

A colour deepening agent to obtain exceptionally high colour depth with neutral to redder tone on cellulosic, polyester, wool and their blends dyed with blacks and navy's

16 SARADYE-429 (MOD) Chlorine Fastness Improver for Polyamide

A chlorine fastness improver for polyamide fabrics dyed with acid and metal complex dyes

17 SARADYE-PLE Chlorine Fastness Improver for Cotton

A formaldehyde free, chlorine fastness improver for cellulosic fabrics dyed/printed with reactive dyes

18 SARAGUARD-5700 Non Leaching Anti-Microbial

A silane based, durable, non-leaching antimicrobial for all types of substrate. Saraguard-5700 will provide protection against wide range of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria's, fungi, algae and wide range of viruses. Saraguard-5700 is suitable for application persona 1 protective equipment/ clothing (PPE)used in medical and other textile industries.

19 SARAGUARD-FL Cost effective antimicrobial

Saraguard-FL is a non-leaching antimicrobial agent which is durable to multiple home laundering. It is effective against broad spectrum of bacteria's. It passes AATCC 100, JISL 1902 test methods. Saraguard-FL is also suitable for application on medical textiles like face mask, surgical gowns and other personal protective equipment/clothing (PPE) etc.

20 SARAGUARD-MOSQ DEET based Mosquito repellent

A microencapsulated mosquito and insects/dust mite repellent.

21 SARASCOUR-RG (CONC) Anti thermal yellowing agent

A speciality finishing agent to prevent yellowing of fabrics and knits made from polyamide, lycra and their blends during heat setting, finishing and moulding.

22 SARASOL-1101 Pretreatment auxiliary for digital printing for all types of substrate

A pre-treatment chemical which is applied by padding process before Ink-Jet printing on various substrates.

23 UNIV-AIO All in one Pretreatment Agent

A novel all-in-one low foaming product for scouring and bleaching of cotton. It requires only peroxide, and does not need addition of caustic during bleaching.

24 ZOROFAST-FMD Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver

A specialty finishing agent to improve dry and wet rub fastness of all types of dyed and printed cotton and their blends. It is compatible with certain finishing agents. It can be applied by both dry-on-wet and wet-on-wet application.

25 ZOROGUARD-ZP Zinc Pyrithione based Anti-fungal Agent

Zoroguard-ZP is zinc Pyrithione based leaching antimicrobial agent. Zinc Pyrithione is classical antifungal agent. Zoroguard-ZP exhibits antibacterial activity as well. Zoroguard-ZP is effective against broad spectrum of microbes, patghogens and viruses. Zoroguard-ZP passes AATCC-30, AATCC-147 and AATCC-100 test methods. It is suitable for application in medical textiles like surgical gowns, masks etc.