UV Protective Agents

Protection of the skin against the action of solar radiation is a an important aspect in textile finishing. Textiles are a second skin to humans, and are wore to safeguard the skin from external agencies like wind, water, sunlight, etc. Since not all textile substrates guarantee adequate UV protection, UV protective agents are required to be incorporated in textile finishing to improve the UPF of the fabrics.

Product Name Short Description Description
YUVI-493 Light-fastness improver for polyester

A UV absorber for Polyester. It reduces the fibre damage due to photo chemical degradation. Yuvi 493 has very good dispersion stability and is therefore particularly suitable in exhaust method of application. Yuvi-493 has no influence on the shade of dyeings.

YUVI-BLF UV stabiliser for polyester

A UV absorber for Polyester which improves the light fastness of disperse dyed and cationic dyeable polyester fabrics and yarns. It works well in alkaline and acid dyeing jet system. It is especially suitable for Automotive fabrics.

YUVI-CELL UPF improver for cellulose

A highly efficient UV protecting agent for cellulosic fabrics. It exhibits excellent UV absorbing properties. It is durable to home launderings. It can be applied to dyed fabrics with minimum shade change. UPF of 40-50 can be achieved.

YUVI-PES Light-fastness improver for polyester

A UV absorber for polyester fibre and its blend. It protects against UV rays. It has no influence on the shade of dyeing. It is suitable for the pad as well as exhaust application.