The textile stiffener is applied as a finishing agent to give the fabric required stiffness. Fabric finished with Stiffners remains stiff even under long storage period and does not loose stiffness even if relative humidity is high. They are mostly used for finishing inter-lining fabrics.

Product Name Short Description Description
AUTOFIN-DR Imparts Dimensional Stability

A product that imparts dimensional stability and bulkiness or body to polyester automotive textiles. It can also be applied on P/V fabric.

SARASTIFF-GK Stiffeners for interlining fabric

A stiffener to impart stiff finish on all substrates viz., cotton, polyester and their blends.

STIFNOL-NW Stiffener for Non-wovens

A speciality product to impart stiffness and body to cotton, polyester and their blends. It is also suitable for nonwoven fabrics to impart body. The treated fabric can be top coated with required finishes.


A handle modifier for imparting heavy and fuller finish to polyester, cotton and their blends. The applied finish is not affected during storage.