Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito repellent textiles are one of the revolutionary ways to advance the textile field by providing the much-needed features of driving away mosquitoes, especially in the tropical areas. It helps to protect human beings from getting infected by mosquitoes thereby promising safety from the diseases like malaria and Nile fever. To impart this characteristic, the mosquito repellents are applied as a finish to the textile material. These textile products can be applied to a wide range of textile materials.

Product Name Short Description Description
REPELLO-MSQ Permethrin based Mosquito repellent

A mosquito repellent available in micro dispersed form

SARAGUARD-AP Permethrin based moth and beetle proofing agent

It is a durable moth proofing agent developed for the fabrics which are meant for outerwear, sportswear, military fabrics, tents etc.

SARAGUARD-MOSQ DEET based Mosquito repellent

A microencapsulated mosquito and insects/dust mite repellent.