SARAGUARD-MOSQ | DEET based Mosquito repellent

Product Information

Saraguard-MOSQ is a microencapsulated mosquito and insects repellent for long-lasting delivery of repellant protection on the fabric surface of textiles. Saraguard-MOSQ is a unique product in a microcapsule form to repel mosquitoes. It is suitable for all substrates. Saraguard-MOSQ passes WHO cone test. Fabric finished with Saraquard-MOSQ does not have any odour.

Key Features & Benefits
Key Features Benefits
Speciality product
- Microencapsulated mosquito repellent
- Prevents vectors such as mosquitoes 
ticks etc., from landing/biting
Long lasting & Durable
Durable to home laundering
General Characteristics
Physical appearance
Colourless to straw white liquid
Ionic nature Nonionic
pH of 1% solution 6.5 +/- 1
Miscibility Miscible with water
Stability Compatible with cationic, anionic and nonionic products
Compatibility Stable to dilute acids and dilute alkalies

Padding process

  • Saraguard-MOSQ* : 100-120 g/l
  • Saralink-ULF : 30-40 g/l
  • Pick-up : 70-80%
  • Bath pH : 5-6

Drying & Curing : 150-180 deg.C

* Dosage of Saraquard-MOSQ depends on home launderings required Exhaust Proces: (Garment m/c, winch, low turbulence m/c)

Exhaust process

  • Saraguard-MOSQ : 10-12%
  • Saralink-ULF : 3-4%
  • Temp. : 30-40 deg.C
  • Time : 20-30 min.

A product Microencapsulated to separate on extended storage. Stir well before use.


Storage : Store in cool, ventilated shed away from heat and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 35 deg C. Close lids firmly to avoid contact with air and moisture.

Shelf Life : 9 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored under controlled conditions.

The above information is given in good faith and is without warranty

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