SARAFINISH-OMP | Special Effects on Garments

Product Information

Sarafinish-OMP is a unique formulation to create special effects on denim & non-denim garments/terrytowels such as fleece, T-shirts and coudroy either alone or using thermocol balls. Treatment with Sarafinish-OMP can produce French Frost, White Wash, Ice Wash, Snow Wash, Acid Wash. Apart from these effects Sarafinish-OMP can create Cracked Look, Black Sky Look, Bright White Look etc. Sarafinish-OMP can also replace potassium permanganate.

Key Features & Benefits
Key Features Benefits
Special effects
Value addition
Treatment of dry garment possible
Water consumption and drying not require
Standing bath method possible
Chemical consumption is reduced
General Characteristics
Physical appearance
Buff to pinkish colour powder
Ionic nature Nonionic
pH of 1% solution 8+/-2
Miscibility Miscible in water
Compatible with cationic, non-ionic & anionic products
Stable to dilute acids & dilute alkalies

Note: Sarafinish-OMP is a permanganate activated semectite clay. The colour of this product varies from creamish buff to light purple. The colour variation is enhanced due to ambient humidity and moisture content in volcanic ash (semectite clay). However, kindly note that this difference in colour does not exhibit any variation in performance. 


1. Ball Blast Effect :

Fill the drum washer to its 3/4 capacity with thermocol balls of varying sizes. The balls are wetted out with little quantity of water. Sprinkle 10-15% Sarafinish-OMP (on weight of garment) on these wet thermocol balls and rotate drums for 10-15 min.for even distribution of Sarafinish-OMP and it forms pasty mass on the thermocol ball. Load the machine with desized dry garments/terry towels and treat for 45-60 mins. depending upon the effect required. Unload and treat the garments with mild peroxide or sodium hydrosulphite to remove traces of Sarafinish-OMP or with 0.5-1 g/l Helar PPN or simply washed thoroughly and dried.

2.Ocean Wash :

* Fill the garment drum machine with thermocol balls [0.75-1 cm diameter] half the volume of machine.

* Sprinkle water and run garment drum for 5-10 mins and ensure that all the balls get wetted completely.

* Sprinkle 10-15% Sarafinish OMP (on weight of garment) powder slowly to the balls and run the machine fo 10-12 mins and ensure that all the balls get uniformly coated with Sarafinish- OMP.

* Put the dry garments/terrytowels in the machine and run for 45-60 mins.

* After the treatment give thorough wash with water.

* Neutralize Sarafinish-OMP with 2-3 g/l Helar PPN for 10-15 mins at room temperature and then give treatment with 0.5-1 g/l acetic acid rinse for 5-10 mins.

* Wash with water and dry the garments.


* Garments/Terrytowels should be wrinkle free 

* Uniform wetting of thermocol balls and uniform coating of Sarafinish-OMP on thermocol balls are very essential 

* Loading of rotary tumbler should be 30-60% depending upon effect

* If Sarafinish-OMP is used in drum washer, perforation of the drums should be sealed to prevent loss of Sarafinish-OMP. Otherwise inconsistent results will be obtained. 

* Treatment time for every batch has to be consistent to avoid batch to batch variation. 

* Special effects can be obtained by adding other ingredients in treatment with Sarafinish OMP such as balls, cubes, etc. 

* After treatment with Sarafinish-OMP, it is necessary to remove traces of chemicals immediately by neutralisation, oxidation and soaping. During oxidation ensure residual peroxide is present at the end of treatment. If residual peroxide is absent, add addition quantity of peroxide and run for 5 more minutes and check agaon. 

* Product to be used directly. 

Handling Instructions :

In order to avoid inhalation of dust, mask (mouth protection) to be used. To avoid direct contact with skin or eyes the gloves and goggles are recommended.

Instructions For Dilution

Sarafinish-OMP is to be used as is and no dilution to be carried out. 


Storage : Store in cool, ventilated shed away from heat and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 35 deg C.Close lids firmly to avoid contact with air and moisture.

Shelf Life : 9 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored under controlled conditions.

The above information is given in good faith and is without warranty

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