BIOPOL-PLUS | Multi-component enzyme for one bath peroxide killing and bio-polishing

Product Information

Biopol-PLUS is an innovative multicomponent enzyme which is effective for peroxide killing and biopolishing in one stage operation. Biopol-PLUS can be used for cellulosic fabric and its blends. Biopol-PLUS does not show strength loss or shade changes. Biopol-PLUS shortens the processing time. 

As it is a neutral cellulase enzyme it will ensure a higher degree of whiteness than expected acid cellulases for full white fabric. 

The product to be used in soft flow machine and garment dyeing machine.

Key Features & Benefits 
Key Features
Multi compoment enzyme
Peroxide killing and bio-polishing can be carried out after bleaching in the same bath
Controlled action
No shade change in dyed material or strength loss
pH stable
Applied at wide pH
Saving in water, time and energy
No stripping of optical brightness like acid cellulase
Retain brightness of full whites
Eliminates residual peroxide
No shade changes during dyeing
Stable to anionic auxillaries & salt(sodium sulphate/sodium chloride)
Can be used during dyeing
General Characteristics
Physical appearance
Yellow to yellowish brown liquid
Ionic nature Non-ionic
pH of 1% solution
5 +/- 1
Miscibility Miscible with water
Not compatible with strong cationic products or anionic products
Stable to dilute acids and dilute alkalies
  • Equipment - Jet dyeing machine or garment dyeing machine.
  • Biopol-PLUS - 0.8-1.5% (depending on requirement)
  • pH - 5.0-6.5
  • Temperature - 45-60 deg.C
  • Treatment time - 60-75 mins

Check H2O2 residue after 15-20 min. Confirm that it should be nil and follow dyeing as per customer's dyeing procedure. During exhaustion of dye bio-polishing will be also simultaneously taken place for 50-60 min. At the end of 50-60 min, alkali to be added where enzyme gets deactivated and dye get fixed to the substrate or can be deactivated by increasing the temperature to 80 deg.C for 10 mins.


Storage : Store in cool, ventilated shed away from heat and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 35 deg C. Close lids firmly to avoid contact with air and moisture.

Shelf Life : 9 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored under controlled conditions.

The above information is given in good faith and is without warranty