COMPATIBILISER-766 | Bath compatibiliser

Product Information

Compatibiliser-766 is a novel auxillary which can be used as a bath stabilizer. It is used when two chemicals of different ionic nature have to be used in one bath to get the desired results. This will help to avoid precipitation of chemicals. Compatibiliser-766 is a precipitation inhibitor, anti-tinting, dispersing and leveling agent for single bath continuous and dis-continuous dyeing with cationic and anionic dyes.

Key Features & Benefits
Key Features Benefits

Can be used with various chemicals

Excellent leveling, retarding and compatibilising agent for acid dyes

Excellent Anti- precipitant
Excellent leveling agent for disperse dyes on nylon and/or polyester and also acetate 

General Characteristics  

Physical appearance
Yellow clear liquid
Ionic nature Nonionic
pH of 1% solution 8 +/- 1
Miscibility Miscible with water  
Compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic products
Stable to dilute acids and dilute alkalies


Padding process


Dosage : 1-2% 


Storage : Store in cool, ventilated shed away from heat and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 35 deg C. Close lids firmly to avoid contact with air and moisture. 

Shelf Life : 9 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored under controlled conditions.

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