INDOFIX-641 | Dyefixing agent for indigo dyed denim

Product Information

Indofix-641 is a dyefixing agent for indigo dyed and sulphur dyed denim garments. Indofix-641 can be applied after desizing and before or after stone washing or enzyme treatment. It is suitable for pad, exhaust and spray application.

Key Features & Benefits
Key Features
Very good fixing property
Improved washing fastness
Can be applied after desizing and before or after stone/enzyme wash
General Characteristics
Physical appearance
Yellow viscous liquid
Ionic nature Cationic
pH of 1% solution 5 +/- 1
Miscibility Miscible with water
Compatible with cationic and nonionic products
Stable to dilute acids and dilute alkalies

1. Exhaust Process  :

  • Dosage : 2-3%
  • Bath pH : 5.0-5.5
  • Bath Temp : 30-40 deg.C
  • Time. : 15-20 min.

2. Padding Process :

  • Dosage : 20-30 gpl
  • Pick-up : 65-70%
  • Bath pH : 5.0-5.5
  • Drying : 110-130 deg.C  

3. Spray application :

  • Dosage : 20-30 gpl
  • Bath pH : 5.0-5.5
  • Spraying  Drying at 110-130 deg.C


Storage : Store in cool, ventilated shed away from heat and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 35 deg C.Close lids firmly to avoid contact with air and moisture.

Shelf Life : 9 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored under controlled conditions.

The above information is given in good faith and is without warranty

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