Polyamide Auxiliaries

Polyamides occur both naturally and artificially. Examples of naturally occurring polyamides are proteins, such as wool and silk. 

Artificially made polyamides can be made through polymerization such as nylons. We offer solutions for wet processing of textiles made up of polyamides to improve their performance and final product's aesthetic effects.

Product Name Short Description Description

Acid donor and pH sliding agent

An acid donor, based on pH sliding principle for dyeing of polyamide, wool and their blends with acid dyes. It ensures uniform and reproducible dyeing.


OBA with Violet tone

An optical brightening agent with Violet tone for Polyamide, Wool, Silk, Cellulosic fibres and their blends


Improves Depth of elastane

A dyeing auxiliary which improves the depth of shade of elastane (EL) portion in Polyamide Elastane blend.


Polyamide Dye Fixing Agent

A low dusting powder dyefixing agent for acid and metal complex dye


Acid Stable Polyamide Dye Fixing Agent

A novel and effective dye fixing agent in powder form for dyed and printed polyamide to improve wet fastness.


Polyamide Dye-fixing Agent

An acid stable dye fixing agent for dyed and printed polyamide to improve wet fastness properties


Anti thermal yellowing agent

A speciality finishing agent to prevent yellowing of fabrics and knits made from polyamide, lycra and their blends during heat setting, finishing and moulding.


OBA with Violet tone

A high light fastness (grade 5) optical brightening agent for Polyamides.


Wool protecting agent

A versatile wool protecting, lubricating cum anti-setting agent. It is stable to high temperature during the processing of wool.


Leveling Agent for Polyamides

A leveling agent for polyamide, wool and silk dyeing with acid and metal complex dyes and also for dyeing of wool with chrome dyes. It reduces high strike rate of the high affinity dyes particularly in light shades.