UV Absorbers For Coatings

UV Absorber additives for coatings:

  1. Coatings are extensively used in the automotive industries and for decorative applications.
  2. These coatings when exposed to sun light degrades very fast. These articles strength and colorfastness degrades and durability is reduced.
  3. When coatings are exposed to various environmental factors like ultraviolet light, heat, oxygen, light degradation would happen, causing problems, such as yellowing, cracking, reducing the performance and function. In order to enhance the durability and to extend the service life, it is necessary to add UV absorber and light stabilizer to prevent degradation caused by ultraviolet light, improving weather resistance and reliability in various applications. The most preferable UV absorber is Triazine based UV absorbers which give excellent performance result over other UV absorber Benzophenone and Benzotriazole.
  4. Light stabilization of clearcoats has been a challenge for the paint industry for many years. Automotive coatings are expected to ensure gloss retention and retain a colorless appearance for many years, while protecting the basecoat or coated plastic parts. Throughout their service life, these coatings are exposed to light, heat, and temperature changes (i.e., weathering and mechanical stress such as scratch and impact). Apart from color deviation and loss of gloss, this may lead to surface defects such as cracking and even peeling out of the coatings when it is exposed to sun light directly or indirectly.
  5. in the automotive industry, that (Ultraviolet) UV-absorbers (UVA) based on Triazines are capable of fulfilling these requirements where 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-benzotriazoles (BTZ) tend to fail or show inferior properties. Besides the well-known Triazines for automotive applications, other high-performance products are avialble for broader range of applications comprising, for example, thin- or reduced film applications, powder coatings, and extremely durable wood coatings.
  6. Sarex offers a range of UV absorbers based on Triazine chemistry for plastic additives and coatings such as Appolo 1164, Appolo 1164L, Appolo 1577, Appolo 1579 which are Hydroxy Phenyl Triazine based UV absorbers.
  7. Sarex also offer intermediate (Appolo 107 and Appolo 459) for (Ultraviolet) UV absorber for coatings such as UVA 400 and UVA 460.