R&D and Process development activities

  1. Sarex has multipurpose synthetic organic chemical manufacturing unit from kilo to metric ton quantity. We have experience of developing new molecule and scaling up to commercial quantity production.
  2. Sarex R & D is working on various technologies which involves chemical reactions like Fridel craft, condensation etc.
  3. Sarex is supplying specialty fine chemicals to catalog companies which are high value and low volume as well as bulk industrial chemicals to various overseas companies.
  4. In our product catalog we notify the scale of production as Kilo (1-25 kg) , Pilot ( 25-500 kg) , Bulk (500 to Ton quantities)
  5. Our technologies involved low to high temperature (-10 °C to 200 °C) reaction condition as well as atmospheric to high pressure reactions.
  6. We have developed expertise of Triazine chemistry which is used to manufacture high end UV absorbers which are used as additive in plastics and surface coatings. These additive improve the performance, durability, color fastness of the plastics and coatings. These products are manufactured at bulk scale as Ton lot quantities.
  7. We have developed Active pharmaceutical ingredients intermediates (API intermediates) which involves complex chemistry such as cyclisation, condensation etc. These products are produced at moderate scale to Ton lots. We are approved vendor of many European customers and regularly being audited by them for their stringent quality standard.
  8. Sarex R & D developed some high purity electronic chemicals. We are manufacturing these chemicals at moderate scale and supplying to our customers located in Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
  9. Our plant is supported by the utility from -10 °C to 200 °C. It is equipped with brine chilling plant as well as steam boiler and oil heating system.
  10. Our core competency is Friedel Craft reaction, Sand Meyer reaction, oxidation, reduction and nitration reactions.
  11. Sarex has developed the product which are manufactured at high pressure (10 kg/cm2). We have 2000 Ltr. SS-316 high pressure reactor which is tested at 25 kg/ cm2 working pressure with gas induction arrangement. This reactor has magnetic seal agitator. We can perform catalytic reduction or hydrogenation at high pressure using Raney nickel or Palladium on charcoal catalyst.
  12. We have 25 nos. of glass lined reactors having working capacity ranging from 100 Ltr. to 10000 Ltr. These glass lined reactors are equipped to perform multipurpose activities like reflux, distillation etc.
  13. Sarex R&D is manned by the technically qualified personnel having doctorate and masters degree in organic chemistry. R&D is well equipped with equipments and library having reference books on organic and industrial chemistry. R & D is equipped with high pressure reactors, jacketed glass reactors, Heating and cooling system of Julabo ( -20 to 200 °C), Buchi evaporator etc.
  14. R&D is supported by Quality control department for testing of routine reaction products. Sarex has well equipping quality control laboratory for in-process and finished goods analysis . Sarex QC has the modern analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC, Head-space, UV-VIS spectrophoto meter, Auto titrator. Karl fisher titrimeter etc.
  15. Sarex comply with EHS guidelines and we are certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14000 & ISO 18000.
  16. Sarex follow the ICH guidelines and we have GMP compliant plant.
  17. Sarex is supported by efficient marketing team. We have very good communication system with our customers where all enquiries are registered and we reply customer’s queries on most priority basis.