Phosphite Anti-oxidants

  • Secondary antioxidants are peroxide Scavengers.
  • Peroxide scavengers decompose hydroperoxides (ROOH) into nonreactive products before they decompose into alkoxy and hydroxy radicals. They are often used in combination with free radical scavengers which are primary antioxidants to achieve a synergistic inhibition effect.
  • It has ability to be oxidized to colorless materials before the quinones can form from primary AntiOxidants.As well as  inhibit discoloration and change in melt viscosity to ensure that the quality of the final product is unchanged.
  • The most common secondary antioxidants are trivalent phosphorus compounds i.e. phosphites.
  • Phosphite offers stabilization throughout the high temperature processing of plastics, adhesives, and coatings.
  • It shows low cost relative to primary antioxidants.
  • It shows high molecular weight, low volatility, high resistance to hydrolysis ,high phosphorous content and extremely high thermal stability under high temperature conditions.
  • These products are available in both liquid and solid forms for various applications and processes.
  • It is compatible with PE, PP, TPO, TPE, polyesters, nylon, PET.
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