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Product Information

Saradye-FN is a polyamine based non-formaldehyde cationic dyefixing agent for reactive dyes and direct dyes. Saradye-FN improves wash fastness, fastness to perspiration and water contact fastness. Saradye-FN show minimum effect on light fastness and on the shade of the treated material. Saradye-FN can be applied by exhaust as well as pad application.

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features


Formaldehyde free

Suitable for Oekotex and baby wear

Minimum effect on shade and light fastness

Rematching not require


No adverse effect on handle of fabric


Suitable for exhaust and pad application
Combined dyefixing and finishing possible

General Characteristics

Physical appearance

: Colourless to yellow liquid

Ionic nature

: Cationic

pH of 1% Solution

: 6 +/- 1


: Miscible with water


: Compatible with cationic and nonionic products


: Stable to dilute acids and unstable to dilute alkalies


Exhaust Process :

After thorough soaping to remove hydrolysed reactive dyestuff from dyed or printed material, treat in a fresh bath with below recipes :


: 0.5-2%

Bath pH

: 5-5.5

Bath Temp

: 40 deg.C


: 15-30 min.

If finishing with cationic softener is to be carried out in the same bath, it is recommended to first carry out dyefixing with 1/3rd quantity of required Saradye-FN under above conditions

followed by addition of cationic softener in the same bath under

the same conditions for 15-20 mins. followed by addition of remaining quantity of Saradye-FN in the same bath and treatment to be carried out for further 15-20 min.

Continuous process :

Saradye-FN :

: 5-20 g/l


: 65-70%

Bath pH

: 5-5.5


: 130-170 deg.C

Note : Check for colour tint in depth after dyeing.

Removal of dyefixing agent from dyed fabric:

Take 0.5-1% Celldet-R and treat the dyefixed fabric at 95 deg. C for 20-30 min and drain the bath.

Cold wash for 10 min and drain.

Adjust the bath pH 4.5-5.0 using acetic acid and run for 5 min to ensure the

Bath pH 4.5-5.0 then add


1.0-1.5% Sarakol-RDL for 20-30 min and drain the bath.

Treat at

85-90 deg. C for 20-30 min and drain the bath.

Hot wash at 70 deg. C for 10 min and drain the bath.

Cold wash for 10 min and drain.


Storage Store in cool, ventilated shed away from heat and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 35 deg C.Close lids firmly to avoid contact with air and moisture.
Shelf Life 8 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored under controlled conditions