Chairman’s Introduction



A Brief Introduction & A Synopsis of his Charitable works

If you pause to rest your weary limbs after an arduous walk on any RCC bench, customarily pink in colour, between Colaba & Dahisar or between C.S.T & Thane, you would thank the group of trusts that installed these all over these places. of course, the benches are just one of the innumerable facilities offered to the needy by the trusts founded & managed by Shri Mahavirprasad G. Saraf. His countless munificent acts are a godsend for the needy.
In this materialistic world, charity is an extremely refreshing & laudable act more so in the context of the appalling lack of this basic trait in the humankind. & it is here that Shri Saraf shines like a beacon. For a large part, Shri Mahavirprasadji inherited his munificence from his illustrious parents, the late Smt Durgadeviji & Shri Ghanshyamdasji Saraf.
They were instrumental in shaping the charitable & benevolent traits that Shri Mahavirpasadji has refined to a fine tradition.

Our Trust :

  • Ghanshyamdas Saraf Trust
  • Durgadevi Saraf Trust
  • Mahavirprasad Saraf Trust
  • Kirandevi Saraf Trust
  • Supertex Foundation
  • Ghanshyamdas Saraf College Arts Commerce
  • Durgadevi Saraf Junior College
  • Durgadevi Saraf Insstitute of Management Studies