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CAREGUARD-66(NEW) | Oil and Water Repellent | Oil Repellent

Product Information

Careguard-66 (NEW) is a new generation oil and water repellent fluorocarbon based on C6 Chemistry. It is a dispersion of fluoropolymers. It imparts durable water and oil repellent on various substrates viz., polyester, cotton, nylon, wool fibres and their blends without affecting the original hand of fabric. It can be applied by pad foam and spray technique. The performance of Careguard-66 (NEW) will be closer to that of C8 Chemistry Fluorocarbon. They can be applied on nonwoven substrates also.

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features



: Suitable for white and pastel shades


: Good water and oil repellency after multiple home laundering

Feel : Does not affect the fabric hand


: PFOA below detectable limit

General Characteristics

Physical appearance : Off white to creamish liquid

Ionic nature

: Nonionic to weakly cationic

pH of 1% solution

: 5 +/- 1


: Miscible with water


: Compatible with cationic and nonionic products


: Stable to dilute acids and unstable to dilute alkalies




Careguard-66 (NEW)

: 30-80 g/l

Acetic Acid

: 0.5 g/l


: 5 g/l


: 65-70%

Bath pH

: 4.0 - 4.5


: 100 - 120 deg.C


: 150 deg.C,5 min. OR 160 deg.C,3 min. OR 170 deg.C, 1 min.

*Concentration of Careguard-66 (NEW) to be taken on the basis of durability requirement.


1. It is recommended to prewash the substrate to be treated with 1 g/l Saragen-DAM at 80-85 deg.C for 20-30 min. to remove traces of residual impurities to get excellent results.

2. After padding and drying if fabric is kept overnight before curing, results will be further improved.

3. Compatible with Flame Retardent finish (Pre-trial is recommeded).

4. Water and oil repellent finish can be combined with resin finish using 30g/l Saralink-ULF + 6g/l MgCl2 + 20g/l Saralube-2975.

Sequence of addition:

- Prepare bath with all ingredients including Saralink-ULF, MgCl2 in water containing Acetic acid.

- Stir continuously and add Careguard-66 (NEW) as the final ingredient.

Precautions :

- Avoid high speed and continuous stirring.

- Avoid silicone based softeners in the finishing recipe.

- Pre trial with Careguard-66(NEW) is recommended with coating chemicals.


Storage : Store in cool, ventilated shed away from heat and direct sunlight.Storage temperature should not exceed 35 deg C.Close lids firmly to avoid contact with air and moisture.
Shelf Life : 8 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored under controlled conditions.