DYEBLEACH-BL | One bath Polyester dyeing and Cotton bleaching agent

Product Information

Dyebleach-BL is a one bath polyester dyeing and cotton bleaching agent for polyester cotton (P/C) blended fabrics. Dyebleach-BL is useful to shorten the process cycle of polyester and polyester blended fabrics. Dyebleach-BL can be used in processing of polyester blended fabric whereby one can start the dyeing of polyester without bleaching by adding recommended dosage of Dyebleach-BL. Dyebleach-BL will take care of making cotton absorbent and white. While cooling the disperse dye bath to 80 deg.C, addition of caustic and peroxide (30 min.) will bleach the cellulosic portion thereby improving the fastness of disperse dye without reduction clearing process. Drop the bath, give one cold wash with acetic acid and start cotton dyeing as normal process. During washing of cotton dyeing, add Combiwash-PC (no need of other washing agent) which helps giving better wash fastness.

Dyebleach-BL does not affect the colour yield of disperse dyes. The whiteness and hydrophilicity of cotton is similar to the results with the conventional two bath process.

Key Features & Benefits
Key Features
Polyester and cotton dyeing without pre bleaching
Shorter processing time. Emulsifies texturising oil from polyester and removes fats and waxes from cotton
Bleaching and dyeing in one dye bath
Save time, energy and water
No need to use jiggers for cotton bleaching
Improves productivity of the plant
Bleached fabric is brighter
Most suitable for light and medium shades
General Characteristics
Physical appearance
Violet liquid
Ionic nature Nonionic
pH of 1% solution
8 +/- 1
Miscibility Miscible with water
Compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic products
Stable to dilute acids and dilute alkalies
  • 1-2% Dyebleach-BL along with disperse dye
  • - Carry out disperse dyeing at 130 deg.C for 30-45 min
  • Lower down the temperature to 75-80 deg.C (not beyond 80 deg.C) and add 1.5-2% caustic (1.5-2% soda ash if the blend is Polyester/Viscose OR Polyester/modal) and 1.5-2% peroxide in the same bath for cotton bleaching. Run for 45-60 min. and drain.
  • Give cold wash - neutralisation with Acetic acid and dry
  • The fabric is ready for cotton dyeing

Storage : Store in cool, ventilated shed away from heat and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 35 deg C.Close lids firmly to avoid contact with air and moisture.

Shelf Life : 9 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored under controlled conditions.

The above information is given in good faith and is without warranty

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