About Us

Saraf group of companies are founded by visionary Shri Mahavir G. Saraf in 1952.
Sarex Overseas is a division of Saraf group of companies.
Sarex overseas is a leading manufacturer of Fine Chemicals and API Intermediates in India.
Sarex Overseas has corporate office in Mumbai. The manufacturing facility is in MIDC, Tarapur, 100 kms from Mumbai in India. Sarex is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 by URS, UK

Sarex specializes in producing high value fine chemicals. Besides  regular products, Sarex  develop new products based on customer’s requirements. R&D centre  plays crucial role in handling complex chemistry       and developing newer technologies. Sarex  have developed Hydroxy Phenyl Triazines (HPT)  which are UV absorbers  used as additive in plastics and coatings to enhance their durability, colour fastness and performance. These UV absorbers are superior in their class as these have very low volatility at high process temperature of  the plastics.

Sarex is the market leader in Pharmaceutical intermediates of anti diabetic API Pioglitazone Hydrochloride in India.

Sarex has a state of the art manufacturing facility with variety of unit operations. The entire plant operations is automated except solid charging/ discharging using control system.

Safety is one of the most important culture of Sarex. Utmost care has been taken while designing, operating and maintaining the plant. Majority of the safety is already built in the design of the plant and automation. Sarex is concerned with environment and committed to EHS (Environment, Health and safety).

Iintellectual property rights and  confidentiality is on the top priority list of Sarex.

Sarex Overseas is engaged in the Bulk manufacturing and

1. Our company is Largest manufacturer of anti diabetic Pioglitazone Hydrochloride  intermediates 5-Ethylpyridine-2-ethanol and 2,4-Thiozolidenedione in India.

2. Our company is Largest manufacturer of Triazine UV absorber Plastics and coatings additive in India.

3. Bulk chemical manufacturer for Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Coatings, Electronics, Dyes & Pigment industries.

SAREX not only avails you with the exceptional chemicals, but also shoulders the responsibility of after sales service. Thus, we provide thorough going service through our Technical support. Our quality analysts scrutinize each & every product before its delivery. We value your money & endeavor to bring you the optimum product service in exchange of that.

We are one of the India’s largest chemicals exporter & major portion of our produce is exported to more than 40 countries, primarily to the USA & Europe where our products have been well received & we have been successful in nurturing excellent relationships with our clients. We have been acclaimed a lot many times for our noteworthy range of chemicals.