ITMA 2015


SAREX, the largest Textile Chemical exporter of India, exhibited consecutively for the fourth time at ITMA, Milan (12-19th November 2015). Sarex engrossed attention of more than 500 visitors by displaying “Seeing is Believing” and “Do it Yourself” exhibits.

“Do It Yourself” booth of Rubfast-425 (Rubbing fastness improver) became the “show stealer”, where the visitors got an opportunity to actually perform the rubbing fastness test and visualize the impact of Rubfast-425 on improving the wet rubbing fastness.

Sarex has also brought up an amazing knowledge sharing technical films on Saraguard-5700 (an antimicrobial agent), which helps to combat with microbes. Customers had an overview of the product for the detailed testing procedure and mechanism.

Other highlights included the robust M&S listed products for eco-friendly PFC free water repellency viz., Careguard-FF, Ecoguard-EF & Ecoguard-SYN as an alternative to fluorochemicals. Testing of such products is performed in M&S accredited laboratory. Sarex is probably the only textile chemical company in the Indian sub-continent who has Marks & Spencer Accredited Technical Service Laboratory (TSL).

Saradye-429 and Saradye-PLE; chlorinated pool water fastness improvers from Sarex very well illustrated the ”Seeing is Believing” concept as the displays were self explanatory. Sardye-429 treated swim suit on baby mannequin generated lot of interest among the viewers.

“Blacker than the blackest” concept was splendidly demonstrated by Sarabloom-SL (on cotton knits) & Sarabloom-2951 (on polyester) treated fabric draped on the mannequins. The difference between Black and Jet Black could be very well visualized from a distance.

Hydrophilic soft finish, super soft finish and liquid cotton finishes imparted by softeners were also showcased.

There is a great demand for washing-off agents that prevent staining of adjacent substrates at low temperatures. Sarex has developed one such product Itawash-LT which is low temperature washing-off agent. Itawash-LT shortens number of washing cycles which in turn conserves time and energy. Washing fastness achieved using Itawash-LT is comparable to conventional washing off agents.

Other feature products among Sarex’s diverse pre treatment, dyeing and finishing range includes: Pretreatment package, Optical brightening agents, Digital printing Aids and a range of microencapsulated products.

Textile wet processing employs a large quantity of chemicals, water, energy and time. Sarex has taken an initiative to work on world wide demand for eco friendly time and energy conserving processes.

Sarex has put a step forward in bringing into practice an eco friendly bleaching technology using Ketoprep-LA (Conc). This product works at low temperature and at low caustic dosage imparting very good whiteness, absorbency with less weight loss and degradation of bleached fabric.

Univ-AIO is an all-in-one speciality product in powder form for bleaching of high value substrates viz., Viscose, Lycra, Modal and their blends. Due to its unique formulation, Univ-AIO acts as a wetting cum detergent and peroxide stabilizer. Univ-AIO process does not require caustic during bleaching resulting in low TDS, BOD & COD in the effluent.

To cope up with the continually increasing demand made by the processors and consumers on Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) for different shades of whites as desired in fashion world on various fibre types and fibre mixtures, Carewhite-NW (Conc), Carewhite-PAS and Sarawhite-CLE (OBAs for polyamide) and Sarawhite-CR (OBA for acrylic) are developed. These OBAs imparts excellent whiteness with good all round fastness properties.

To achieve the distinctly crisper contours and high resolution of the prints on the substrate, Sarex has developed pre-treatment agents for ink-jet printing. The use of Sarasol-1101, Sarasol-MB and Sarasol-CL in pretreatment process enhances the quality of prints.

Sarex has produced a wide variety of magic finishing agents using microencapsulation technology that produce fabrics with multiple functionality.

Saraguard-MOSQ is a microencapsulated mosquito and insect repellent for long lasting delivery of repellent protection. Superfresh-Peppermint, Superfresh-Lavender and Superfresh-Jasmine are durable fragrance finishing products. Microencapsulated thermochromic pigments are in pipeline.

Sarex has published three Product list viz. Export product list, Concentrated product list and Substrate wise product list wherein the premium products are segregated for ease of viewing. The Product lists are in 5 different languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Turkish.

Sarex has authored Textile technical manuals viz., Cotton preparation manual and Cotton dyeing manual. This ITMA, Sarex launched the “Textile Finishing Manual” featuring a general introduction to chemical finishing with popular functional finishes and exciting new specialty finishes in English as well as in Spanish language.

Sarex has probed into the woes of textile indus¬try and worked meticulously on achieving solutions for the same. Solution Provider 3 provides solutions to frequently encountered problems of customers and it is published in English, Spanish as well as Portuguese.

Sarex has been engaged worldwide, in the development and distribution of highly specialized and innovative products for more than 50 years. The products can be offered as is and in a concentrated form which can be diluted at customer’s end to make ready- to- use formulations. “Excellence in all Things – technical competence, international quality with consistency and respect to environment – centered around absolute customer delight” has been the core business strategy over the years for Sarex.

In summary, Sarex offers a spectrum of solutions to all your textile processing needs.