Garment Auxiliaries

Garment Auxiliaries

Product Name Short Description Description
BIOPOL-N Biopolishing Enzyme

A speciality wide range pH enzyme for biopolishing of cellulosic's and its blend with polyester.

HEFLOR-CI (CONC). Zip and Button corrosion protector

A corrosive and passive inhibitor for metal

HELAR-PPN (CONC). Potassium Permanganate Neutraliser

A product that remove residues of potassium permanganate from denim garments and other garments

SARABLEACH-BBA Bleach Bath Activator

An unique catalyst for reducing hypochlorite after bleaching of denim garments and its blends with lycra, tencel

SARAFINISH-OMP Special Effects on Garments

An unique formulation to create special effects on denim and non-denim garments either alone or with Thermocol balls.

SARAKOL-BSI 867 Anti back staining agent for Denim garment

Sarakol-BSI-867 is an Anti back staining agent for denim garments available in powder form. It prevents redeposition of indigo on garment during processing.